Saturday, January 25, 2014

Final Peek at Birthday Card Bash cards

My Birthday Card Bash workshop is tomorrow and my kitting and prepping is all done!  Phew!  I hate it when I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off before a workshop.  In invariably happens but this time I am ready and psyched! 

The last two cards are below.  The first one is so Mardi Gras looking and I love it.  Designed by A Muse Studio, this card can be used for any occasion, just change the sentiment and off you go.  The mask is made from one of the dies in the Geek is the New Chic set and totally looks like a Mardi Gras mask.

Card Info:
Stamps: Sunset Beach, First in My Book
Ink: evergreen, wasabi, grape, Versafine Onyx Black
Embellishments: Polka Dot Ribbon, Gold Signo Pen

The last card is made using the Bandana technique.  This technique involves accenting an image with white gel pen, in this case the Signo White Gel Pen.  This technique really makes images pop!  I love it.  Designed by A Muse Studio, this card can also be used for any occasion, just change the sentiment and isn't that great!  Gotta love card designs that you can use for so many occasions! 
Card Info:
Stamps: Modern Zinnia, A Very Merry Un-Birthday
Ink: Versafine Onyx Black
Embellishments: Toffee Twine, Onyx Pearl Stickers, White Signo Gel Pen

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In One Word-Revisited

I was looking through my old blog posts and came across this one.  I thought it would be fun to answer the questions again, almost 6 years later.

1. Where is your cell phone? DESK (it is never far from me which can be a bad thing)
2. Where is your significant other? WORKING
3. Your hair? BROWN (with a little more gray than 6 years ago)
4. Your mother? MISSED (this will never change)
5. Your father? WIDOWED (over 10 years ago)
6. Your favorite thing? READING
7. Your dream last night? BIZARRE (no details will be given)
8. Your dream/goal? HEALTHIER (plans are in the works to make this happen)
9. The room you're in? OFFICE (aka my craft room)
10. Your hobby? CRAFTING (my hobby has taken on a life of it's own)
11. Your fear? FAILURE (control freak here)
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? RETIRED (if this would have happened 6 years ago....)
13. Where were you last night? HOME (sick on a long weekend - bummer)
14. What you're not? TYPEB (yes I am a TYPE A)
15. One of your wish list items? RETIRED  (see #12)
16. Where you grew up? MASSACHUSETTS
17. The last thing you did? WORKED
18. What are you wearing? CLOTHES (working from home in my birthday suit is NOT an option)
19. Morning Person or Night Owl? OWL
20. Your TV? WIDESCREEN (this is because of my DH)
21. Your pet? BOXER (she is 10 years old now)
22. Your computer? LENOVO (love them!)
24. Your mood? HAPPY (for the most part despite being sick)
25. Missing someone? YES (always - see #4)
26. Your car? MINIVAN (10 years old and going strong.  Gotta love Toyotas!)
27. Something you're not wearing? MAKEUP 
28. Favorite store? CONTAINERSTORE (I love to organize things!)
29. Your summer? HOT (it was a hot one and hope the warmer weather gets here soon!)
30. Love someone? YES! (my guy is still the love of my life)
31. Your favorite color? PURPLEBLACKREDPINK (my color choice varies with my mood)
32. When is the last time you laughed? TODAY (too many funny videos on Facebook to not laugh)
33. Last time you cried? DAYSAGO (a lot going on and emotions are high but it's all good)

Most of my answers are the same as when I took this quiz and I hope that is good thing.  Though I have to say that I am not using the same computer as I was 6 years ago!  That would be bad!!!

So, what's your one word?  Try it out!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Birthday Card Bash

What better way to chase away the winter blues than with some bright colors!  We are in for another snowstorm today, 6 - 10" on top of the 6" that we got last Saturday.  Welcome to life in New England!  Ha ha ha.  When will Spring be here????

Anyway, this Sunday I am hosting a Birthday Card Bash where attendees will make 5 birthday cards.  Not a bad way to augment your collection or start one!  Here is a peek at a few of the cards:

This card was designed by fellow A Muse Studio Consultant Diane Martin.  I love this one!  What a great card for boys and guys!  You of course could change it up and use more feminine colors.   Guy cards are usually the hardest to make so when I find one that I love, I go for it!

Card Info:
Stamps: Rock Star, Come Fly with Me, Chevrons, That's the Ticket
Ink: pumpkin, navy, wasabi, slate, seattle, french roast, cobalt
Embellishments: Cherry Spray Splash and Winter Sky Spray Splash, Vanilla Twine

This card is a CASE of a set that I received from Karen Mahoney as part of a Thank You gift for hosting a Silpada party in my house.  The design is so simple and can be used for any occasion!  I have used this design for birthday cards, thank you's, sympathy, just because and anniversaries.  Oh so easy!

Card Info:
Stamps: Modern Zinnia, Contemporary Greetings
Ink: Mermaid, Versafine Onyx Black

I love this one!  It is such a happy card and can be used for many occasions.  The colors are so much fun and bright.  This card is an example of cutting apart stamps to get more use from them.  I cut the splats which were together as 3 into three separate images and was then able to ink them up in different colors and use them all over the card.  I know some may be hesitant to cut apart images but it really gives you much more use!

Card Info:
Stamps: Tini Time, Sweet Celebrations
Ink: Grapefruit, Lime, Ocean, Saffron, Versafine Onyx Black