Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One and Only Beach Day

This summer has been a whirlwind of activity for us with preparing to send our sons off to college. So many plans this summer with no time to squeeze in a vacation at the beach like we have done for so many years. We were able to spend one day at Footbridge Beach in July which is early for us. Maine water does not even get remotely warm until mid to late August.

With our usual beach setup we plopped down for what we hoped would be a great beach day only to be buffeted with bone chilling winds whipping down the beach.

I love to people watch and this day provided lots of good entertainment. To the older, retirement aged guy next to us who had his nipple pierced with what looked like a very heavy anchor and tiny bathing suit, thanks for the visuals! I cringe every time I think of this. How that must have hurt!

We shivered under our beach towels until we could not take it any longer. Hating to leave the beach but knowing a nice hot shower was waiting for us back at my sister's house we packed up and left. Our day in Maine ended with dinner at the Harborside Restaurant in York. It is hit or miss there for me and this day was a miss. My kids tease me because we have this Top Chef mentality where we critique food and vote on our dished. The chef who cooked my Salmon dish would have been voted out for this meal. Great concept, good presentation but poor execution. The dish lacked seasoning. Dessert was no better. My Blueberry cobbler was more like a muffin with a layer of blueberries, not what I had in mind.

No day in Maine would be complete without a stop at The Goldenrod for some salt water taffy. Theirs is the best!

To commemorate our day which coincided with the one day late 12 of 12 I took 13 of 13 pictures. These pictures were taken with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic App. It is very cool and I love to play with the different films, flashes and lenses!

All in all it was a nice family day with a few bumps here and there.