Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sneak Peek Day 4


If  you have been watching any of the World Cup matches you have heard the announcers screaming GOAL and wondering when they would come up for air!   It is exciting to watch the matches and see the excitement of the players and the fans.  So with that in mind, the next sneak peek is absolutely perfect! 

Team Player (SVSD065), All Star (SHME054), Play Ball (SVSB057)

The Play Ball stamp set also has a coordinated die set containing 6 dies (TAD0104).

Imagine how great these will be for your sports-themed parties, scrapbook pages and cards!  These sets make cardmaking for the men in our lives SO much easier!

I hope you are enjoying the sneak peeks and stay tuned for many more!

-- Pamela

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