Sunday, January 19, 2014

We Go Together

We go together.... like two peas in a pod.  Or better yet, how about birds in love!  With winter having us in her grasp again, with another 6" of fresh white snow on the ground, it is time to think more about Valentine's Day.  You know all the those sayings "Be Mine", "Love Birds", "Love Me Do" and what better way to remember your loved ones that with cute cards.

This card features the All For Love and With This Ring stamp sets and of course, Spray Splash, one of my most favorite embellishments!!!

If you have never tried the Spray Splash, you can use it in so many ways: spraying, painting with a dry brush, watercoloring, and droplets.  By droplets I mean opening the bottle and using the spray wand in a tapping motion to cause drops to fall onto the paper, similar to a flicking motion.  Even spraying from varying heights changes the look.  Very close and you get a small spray pattern and further away more of a splotchy appearance.  I highly recommend you get a bottle (or two) and play with it!

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