Sunday, October 30, 2011

Unfortunate Timing

Can this really be happening?  It is October not January!  We came back from our Disney vacation where the temps were in the mid-80's to a New England Snowstorm!  We got 12" of snow and with the weight of the leaves that were still on the trees and the wind our trees suffered much damage.  Trees that we have lovingly planted and nurtured over the years are gone!  Trees that grew as our children grew will now have to be taken down.  How sad I am.  It is funny how you grow to feel about things.  This picture is of the Kousa Dogwood that is in the front of our house.  We planted it when we did our front yard renovation.  It flowered so much this year and the blossoms lasted extraordinarily long.  It also grew a few feet which may have contributed to the amount of damage it suffered.  It split in half and at this time we do not know if it can be saved.

This picture is what is left of my favorite tree - Fringe Tree (Chionanthus virginicus).  I have never seen a tree that smelled so wonderful as this one.  Below is what it looked like before:
Fringe Tree in blossom
This tree blossomed three different times this year, with the most recent being a week ago! When the wind would blow the scent was heavenly!  I am heartsick about this tree!  I do not know if it will survive.

This picture is of the Weeping Cherry that has graced our yard for many years.  It was completely destroyed and will have to be cut down.  Luckily the Japanese Maple that was to the right of it survived without damage as far as we can tell.  We will know better in the Spring.

What the damage is after the snow melted

Weeping Cherry in her prime

A few more pictures of our yard:
The shed sporting a tree topper

Maple Tree brushing off the snow on my car

Maple and Birch trees

Pretty Leaves

Missing:  One tree top

Field view next to our house. 

Side view of our yard

Balsam Firs

Oak tree brushing our house

Rose of Sharon

Maple tree minus its top

Trellis at garden entrance


Patti J said...

Oh my goodness. Florida and 80's to 12 inches of snow, and COLD! You poor dear! We get a lot of ice in Missouri in the winters, and our trees have been replaced many times over the years. So sad. I'll be thinking of you. Hope they all live through the winter, and come back in full glory next spring.

Chelsea said...

Although snow can be pretty ... This is truly sad. Hope some can bounce back!

TOBEY said...

Oh how sad, all that damage to the trees....hugs........we were fortunate just wind and rain here on cape ann......