Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Muse Studio 1/4" Stitched Grosgain Ribbon Buy In

I am offering a Ribbon Buy-in for the A Muse Studio 1/4" Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon. There are three groups of colors with 4 slots in each group. When a group fills up I will start another group. Each person in the group will receive 2 yards of each color.

1st Color Group (Spring/Summer Collection):
Lime, Ocean, Shell & Sky

2nd Color Group (Summer Collection):
Bubblegum, Cherry, Orange & Papaya

3rd Color Group (Fall/Winter Collection):
Fern, French Roast, Onyx & Slate

If you are interested in participating, please send me an email with what group(s) you want to participate in. The cost will be approx. $6 a slot (plus shipping to you if not local to me). The Buy-In offer expires August 6th.  Feel free to pass this offer along to your friends!

Group Colors
1 (Lime, Ocean, Shell, Sky)Group2
2 (Bubblegum, Cherry, Orange, Papaya)Group2
3 (Fern, French Roast, Onyx, Slate)Group2

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