Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 6 - Ice Dams, Superbowl & More

Well Week 6 has come and gone! We had to deal with the ice dams on our roof and we were lucky to have no water damage. The crisis was hopefully averted by the use of Calcium Chloride. Whoever came up with the idea to put the stuff in knee-hi's was brilliant! What a great way to launch the stuff up onto the roof.

The Superbowl on Sunday was not as interesting without the Patriots playing and we did not have our family pool this year. Not quite the same with my kids at school. At least the Packers won which was what we wanted! More gloating by Rex Ryan would have been horrible.

My husband went to Ireland again so it was just us girls manning the fort. It was a fairly quiet week. I met a friend for dinner at a local seafood restaurant. Great food but too noisy for us.

My cooktop was pretty much out of commission for most of the week with the exception of one burner. Not too bad since I was only cooking for myself. It was just the inconvenience of it all. The repairman had to make a few visits due to needing to order parts. My 10+ year old cooktop is now good as new.

We had more snow but this time it was just a couple of inches which was good news for me! I was not looking forward with having to deal with lots of snow while my husband was away.

My birthday is coming up. Another year older, another year better!!!


Tobey said...

great LO, I love the hearts.....I was glad the snow didn't amount to much too, wasn't looking forward to more shoveling, though I decided that it was time for John to be able to take over!

sheryl said...

Looks great Pam

I wanted to make sure you are checking in with A muse Studio on facebook, if you have a facebook account friend me there too, sherry czarnecki

or you can always keep up to date on my blog

Hope to hear from you soon!