Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice Storm!

The day started out with lots of rain. By night time it had gotten a lot colder. There was an awesome light show of lightning that turned the sky a blueish-green. This was the makings of a huge ice storm!

All night we could hear trees cracking, hoping that it was none of the many that surround our house. I was woken up by the phone ringing - it was a state of emergency call from our town advising residents to stay home. School was of course canceled. When we looked outside, we saw the damage that had occurred during the night and there was more to come. Once we were able to venture outside, all we could hear was the sound of branches and trees falling.

Many areas of our town are without power and it could be days before it is restored. My father, sister and at least one of my brothers are without power. It will also be days for them before it is restored. We may have house guests!

We could not believe the foolish people who traveled down our road! Our street is very wooded with many, many trees overhanging the roadway. There were branches in the road and cars had to maneuver to avoid them.

The sun peaked out early afternoon and brought the melting we desperately need to avoid what is expected to be a windy, very cold night. With so much ice on the trees, wind would be devastating. I know hear the sound of chainsaws doing their job. I expect it will be a long night for many.
Ah! Life in New England!


Denise said...

Wow Pamela!!! Beautiful but so dangerous. We got just rain here on the coast, nothing but messy, but it is COLD today!! Hope power is restored soon for your family.

njburk said...

Pamela---Yup, it was quite a storm---and now snow by the bucketfuls!

Great Blog---I'm adding it to my list. See you soon, Nola