Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice Storm UPDATE

We were extremely lucky to not lose our power. That cannot be said for the majority of my town and many of the surrounding towns! My friend Karen, who lives a few towns away, was not so lucky! She lost power during the first night of the ice storm! She lives in a very wooded area which caused trees to fall onto the lines. I do not know why we were spared this time, until 1998! The damage around town in incredible. Our town common looks like a tornado came through. I will take some pictures when I can. We doubt that school will be held for at least the next few days since one of our schools is being used as a shelter.

The towns that the rest of my siblings live in do not have power, though my sister got hers back yesterday, her power lines are underground so they were lucky. My father and one brother in the same town may possibly have to wait for a few more days. My other two brothers in the next town over may not have power back for weeks! I pray that power is restored soon.

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Denise said...'s amazing what a difference living a mere 90 minutes away from you can be! We're expecting 60-degree weather today and I'm sending some your way!!