Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday ATC Swap Update

Holiday ATC Swap Update:
The ATCs have been arriving by mail and I must say what creative women you all are! I am really glad that I am in both groups!!! I cannot wait for you all to be able to get yours back in the mail soon. They are all so cute!
If there is anyone whose ATCs won't make it to me by the December 15th deadline, please let me know.
Group 1
1. Pamela - *received*
2. Karen - *received*
3. Tracy O. - *received*
4. Jenny - *received*
5. Kim R - *received*
6. Tinla - *received*
7. Tracy C. - *received*
8. Penny - *received*
9. Liz - *received*
10. Amy - *received*
Group 2:
1. Pamela - *received*
2. Karen - *received*
3. Jenn
- *received*
4. Connie - *received*
5. Tinla - *received*
6. Lynnette - *received*
7. Lyndsay - *received*
8. Dawn - *received*
9. Jenny - *received*
10. Livia - *received*
12/19/08 UPDATE - All ATCs are postal. I hope everyone enjoys them!

Merry Christmas and Happy New!


Anonymous said...

Very exciting! I am glad to be in both groups, too...greedy little swapper that I am , lol...have a great night; Tinla

Karen said...

I'm so excited to see them! I forgot to ask for a sneak peek when I was at our house on Sunday...darn! I guess it's best to be surprised.