Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where? Oh Where has my blog gone???

Oh where, oh where can it be????

I have been remiss in keeping up with my blog. I have been working on a bunch of ATC swaps for the A Muse addicts which I HAVE to finish up by Friday so I can get them postal. The theme is Halloween (of course!) and I am having a lot of fun with them.

On the family front, my sons are doing well with their driving lessons. For anyone approaching this milestone with their children, let me tell you that having no control is a lot to deal with. For the majority of our children's lives we have been in control but once they get behind that wheel you QUICKLY realize that facade is gone! It is slowly getting easier. The impression of my right foot in the carpet on the passenger side is starting to fade from all my attempts to press that non-existant brake petal. What fun!

We have made plans with our friends in NC for our OBX trip next summer. Four of the boys will be starting their senior year next year so it will be a big celebration! This may be our last big bash before all of them go off to college in 2010. I cannot believe where time has gone! When my sons were very little I remember figuring out what graduating class they would be and 2010 seemed like a long, long way off.

Little did I know how quickly it would go by!

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june said...

hey, i'm in moyock, nc, right off of 168, on the way to the outerbanks.
look up a fellow addict if you're so inclined. we usually go down as well for a family reunion. :)