Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Gardens in Spring

I love this time of year when everything is green and the flowers are beginning to show their colors! My gardens are looking really good this year. It has taken DH and I a while to get them just so. We had a landscaper plan the garden for us a few years ago which was a great start. We added our own touches here and there and are really happy with how it is coming along.

This is a shot of our Fringe Tree. The botannical name for this tree is Chionanthus virginicus. This is its second year in our garden. The scent the flowers give off is heavenly! We just added the three dianthus (aka carnations or pinks) which go nicely with the colors of the Fringe tree. We transplanted the lavender plants from another garden and hope they will be happier in their new home.

This is a shot of our main garden from the side. The potentilla are flowering and the peony will be bursting with flowers in about a week. Such a beautiful plant!

This is a shot of the garden along side DH's workshop. In this shade garden the bleeding hearts and coral bells are very happy.

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