Monday, May 5, 2008

Remote Control Heaven

I participate in BzzAgent Word of Mouth research campaigns. Currently I am Bzzing about my new Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote. I received my package on Friday. My kids acted like it was Christmas. What is it about the male species that they are beside themselves where remotes are concerned?????

Prior to installing the software the Harmony One Remote requires charging in its own cradle. This process did not take long.

The Harmony One requires a computer with an internet connection to configure the remote. The software installation was fairly quick. The Harmony One remote connects to your computer using a USB cable. The Harmony One software prompts you for the component information to which you select the manufacturer and enter in the model information. The list encompassed all the components in our system. The one part that would have been a little less confusing was some of my model numbers did not conform to the suggested format and I was left wondering if I did it right.

I did make one mistake in supplying my component information and that was the device connection for our tv. Our widescreen tv was not setting the screen size correctly (of course the men in my house were VERY quick to point this out). A little fiddling around and this situation was quickly corrected by adjusting the setup of the remote and the widescreen tv was displaying ESPN correctly! Phew - crisis averted!!!

All told it probably took less than a 1/2 hour to get this baby up and running! I have to say that using one remote is a pleasure. No more looking for the remote for our receiver to adjust the volume and the other to work the DVR. I highly recommend the Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote to anyone who hates having to keep track of all their component remotes. To those who are searching their sofa cushions for that illusive device this remote is for you!

Thank you BzzAgent for this campaign. My men thank you as well!

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