Friday, May 2, 2008

My goals for this weekend

My goals for this weekend are:

  • Finish Spring clothes cleaningThis entails bagging all clothes to be donated and actually driving them to the collection boxes. It will be very rewarding to pare down our closets. It is amazing how much clothes my kids have!

  • Get filing under control
    This is my DH's area of responsibility. With his triathlon training schedule this task has taken a very long ride in the backseat of priorities. This needs to be dealt with!

  • Spend some time scrapping
    I have not done any scrapbooking in a few weeks. I was on a roll with the retreats that I went to a few months ago. My scrap room is in need of some organizing and have some new purchases which need to be put away. Then I can get down to business. I have been replenishing my paper supply and need to start using up my stash!

  • Plan my Spring flowers
    Every year I plant some pretty Spring flowers in my window boxes and planters around my house. While it is not warm enough to do much planting yet I need to plan what I want this year.
The 4 things I have listed are ambitious. Wish me luck!

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