Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Vacation

We just got back from our favorite place to go on vacation, St. John USVI. It is heaven on earth! We drove to Newark, NJ to fly to St. Thomas. It was amazing that flying out of EWR was so much cheaper than flying out of Boston. We were able to get a direct flight which makes the whole travel process so much easier!

St. John is a small island. Only nine miles long & three miles wide, two thirds of the island is the Virgin Islands National Park. There are so many beautiful coral sand beaches here.

The weather was just gorgeous the whole week we were there. We stayed at the Westin St. John which is a great place to stay. It is located in Great Cruz Bay. The ferry from St. Thomas docks right at the hotel marina dock and you are greeted with Rum Punch for the adults and plain punch for the kids. A nice way to start vacation!

While on the island we rented a Jeep which I think is the ONLY way to get around the island. Taking taxis is a possibility but requires more planning that we wanted to do. We love to beach hop and this way we could be completely flexible. The ride to our favorite beach, Cinnamon Bay, has some twists and turns that are so much fun!!!! You feel like you are going to slip back the turns are so steep. What fun to drive there!!!

It is just a short swim to Cinnamon Bay Cay and the snorkeling there was very good. The sizes of some of the sea urchins! The beach is not crowded and a great place to spend the whole day.

We spent half a day on the Island Spirit catamaran that took us to Little St. James to snorkel around this private island. The fish there were so pretty! I cannot imagine owning my own island. There was a fake cow on the shore which we could not figure out the significance of the cow but I guess if you own your own island you can be a little different with your decorating choices.

The other beach we went to is Hawksnest Bay. The snorkeling at the beach was great with the coral reef right off the beach. The fish were as beautiful and plentiful as what we had seen when we went for our snorkeling cruise to Little St. James island.

We took the ferry over to St. Thomas do stroll around all the shops and had lunch. St. Thomas is much more populated compared to St. John. There were two cruise ships docked which made for large amounts of tourists walking around. The residents were getting ready for Carnival which was going to be the last weekend of our trip and people told us to come but we were leaving then. It was nice to return to the peace of St. John.

We hated to leave and cannot wait to return to St. John.

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Kaye said...

Gorgeous pictures! I just showed them to DH and told him that I want to go there now!