Sunday, March 16, 2008

What makes me smile

A challenge was issued for one week to jot down each day something that made me smile.

Sunday: We went to brunch with my in-laws today. I got to show my MIL the pages I got done at the ScrapShare by the Sea retreat that I went to a few weeks ago. It made me smile to see that she enjoyed the pages I had done. There were quite a few pictures of her with my children when they were just a year old and it was nice to see her reaction. That is the beauty of scrapbooks. They have the ability to bring back such memories!
Monday: I had to smile today when my doctor wished he had blood pressure as good as mine.
Tuesday: Had my quad office all to myself today. Sometimes it is nice to have it all to myself.
Wednesday: Took Jenn's A Muse class at Ink About It. Her classes always make me laugh.
Thursday: I am reading Water for Elephants and there are some funny parts in that book!
Friday: It's FRIDAY!!!
Saturday: Had a night out with my DH!
Sunday: Easter was a very enjoyable day! I did not stress out getting the meal together.

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