Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ScrapShare by the Sea

This past weekend I went with my ScrapShare buddies to Portsmouth, NH to attend ScrapShare by the Sea. I had a great time catching up all the New England, NY and NJ Ladies and meeting a bunch of new people. Denise from CT (Hellloooooooooooooooooo), Miss CMC (Teresa) from Mississippi, all those VT ladies (and you know who you are). Seeing Teresa's Hurricane Katrina album was very moving! Never having met anyone before who personally experienced all that tragedy it really brought it home. She and her family overcame a lot and have rebuilt their house and their lives after the devastation that happened.

On a brighter note. Karen (sterling scrapper) and I laughed all weekend, thanks in large part to being thoroughly entertained by Denise who skipped going to see Bon Jovi to be with us. We all actually got a lot of pages done (36 for me - a record).

(crazyredhead and Zack, maddiesmommy123, scraplawmom, shelbysmom, sterlingscrapper and me (sitting).

(me, sterling scrapper and denise in ct having dinner at Warren's)

(me - by the time Sunday came around I was beat!)

(The group photo will be added later)

I am looking forward to the next ScrapShare New England Retreat in Jackson, NH at the Eagle Mountain House. We went there last October and it is a fabulous place. The hotel is gorgeous, surrounded by mountains and the Carriage House where we scrap is a great location for us scrapbookers. Lots of space to spread out all our stuff.

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Karen said...

I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend together! I also was very productive with 35 pages completed. Woo hoo! Can't wait for Jackson!