Monday, March 31, 2008

55 Pages!

I drove to Freeport, Maine in a snowstorm on Friday to meet some ScrapShare friends (officalscorer and tcolby) at a scrapbooking retreat hosted by a local CM consultant. It was held at the Hampton Inn and I have to say it was very comfortable. The Gatehouse where we scrapped had plenty of room for all of us. I got 55 pages done at the retreat which is a record for me! I could not believe how much I was able to do.

There were lots of giveaways, border-of-the-day for each of us every day and lots of laughs were had by all! I met Kerri, Ashley, Dixie, Toni, Dawn, Joanie, Jenny, Barbara and Tracy. Many of these women have known each other for a long time and they, along with Edna and Tina, were quite welcoming!

Providing entertainment was Toni doing her catwalk impression, demonstrating her buys, which was a hoot! Women (who shall remain nameless) who ventured to LL Bean in the middle of the night hoping to catch a glimpse of Simo, the good-looking clerk, who helped them shop. Then there were the greeters at the Inn who let us in at night.

I hope to see all these great women again soon.

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Karen said...

What?!? 55 pages? Amazing! Glad you had a great time. I'm going with you next spring!!!