Monday, February 4, 2008

Where do I go on a Mental Holiday?

For this week's ScrapShare blog challenge we were asked "Where do you go when you know you have to go somewhere but don’t have the time, energy or inclination to actually leave the house? ".

If my need for a mental holiday hits during the daylight hours I venture into my sunroom and watch the birds. We have a great selection of birds that we feed year round. I often wonder what it would be like to fly and imagine soaring through a forest. Oh, the thrill of it! I love watching the Cardinals feed their babies or hear my favorite Chickadees singing their happy song "Chickadee, dee, dee dee". It simplies life for me and makes the stress of it all melt away.

At night when I need a break I get into my whirlpool tub and soak for a long time. Basin makes bath bombs which fizz when you put them in water (kind of like a fabulously scented alka-seltzer). I zone out there letting my mind wander, often falling asleep. To get away from it all I think about my favorite vacation spot, St. John USVI where I love to snorkel and swim in water that is not freezing cold like we have here in New England. The island is so beautiful that is takes my breath away. Thinking about it just relaxes me. I also often read in the tub which is a great treat for an escape of a different kind. I love to immerse myself into the book I am reading and find that the hours fly by.

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Lee said...

Perfect! I like the idea of going south to swim - it's a bit nippy here too.