Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

I have been tagged by Geeta to participate in this little quiz.

Stamping Style - Simple but trying new techniques. Technique Junkies has some awesome techniques that I want to try.
Inspiration - For my card making it would be hard to name them all. I would say all my A Muse Addict friends! I am awed by the creativity that I see from these women!!! I also spend time looking at the great cards and techniques on SCS.
Color - I love all jewel tone colors! My favorite color is purple, like my birthstone, amethyst.
Work space - I just posted yesterday about my work space. Check it out here!
Perfect day - My idea of the perfect day would have to be being on a beach somewhere. I love the ocean, it calms me like nothing else can. Being there with my family is my idea of perfection.
First job – Working in the Computer Operations department for Thom McAn Shoes which no longer exists. It was a fun place to work.
Wildest dream – My wildest dream would be being able to retire with my DH to a beach house on the ocean, preferably on St. John (or Bermuda).
Ink - No favorite yet. I am currently using Stampin' Up, Colorbox, Brilliance and StazOn.
Family – me, DH, 2 soon-to-be-driving teenage boys, 2 cats (Cinnamon and Belle) and a boxer named Bijou who basically runs our house.
Beverage - Fruit Smoothies that my DH makes, Starbucks Caramel Machiato, French Martinis, and anything tropical from the bar at the Westin St. John!
Biggest challenge - Making this year the year of me.

Let's see.... Who am I going to tag next?


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marcia said...

Hi Pamela!

Thanks for the Tag! I've completed the questions and it's on my blog! :)