Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Rite of Passage

My kids are getting older. It seems like it was yesterday that they were learning how to walk. Soon they will be learning how to drive. Last week they both had their wisdom teeth removed. While not the most fun thing to do during school vacation it was not as bad as I (and they) had anticipated.

After their surgery I got to see them in the recovery room both of them being quite out of it and making funny faces trying to wake themselves up. The nurse explained how they will be sleeping for most of the day and they should not shovel any snow (we were getting ANOTHER snowstorm). No problem on either count. So with the help of the two nurses who jokingly said to my sons "If you go down, we go down!". No kidding! The nurses were half my sons height. But they were steady on their feet and made it to my car without incident. Off to get the meds now. They were a little sleepy in the car. The trip to the pharmacy went off without a hitch and now it we were homeward bound. Unbeknownst to me my DH, who was home because of the snowstorm, was shocked to see them walking in the house without assistance. We both had our wisdom teeth out when we were teenagers and remember (or think we remember) that we were out of it for the whole day. So we were surprised when both of them did not sleep a wink ALL DAY! What happened to them sleeping the anesthesia off??? It goes to show you the power of unlimited computer play time!

My kids did great with following the instructions from the oral surgeon on icing their faces. I promised I would not post the pictures I took of them. The pictures of their their ingenuity of creating a method of icing their faces and being able to play on the computer with both hands are priceless. Suffice to say with an ace bandage and two small ice packs you can play all you want and have your hands free too! So far we are on day 5 and there is really no swelling to speak of and they are doing well. The oral surgeon will see them on Friday for a check up and then the wisdom teeth chapter of their lives will be over. Just a small bump in the road of their lives.

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