Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Personal Goal - The Year of Me!

As women we all spend time putting others first, worrying about them, taking care of their needs, scheduling their lives with little time left over for ourselves. What is your most important personal goal for the year? What are you doing that is just for yourself? How are you trying to improve yourself?

Those questions I ask myself a lot. For far too many years I have not made myself #1 in my life. Family, friends, even strangers would come first. Someone needs something done, sure I was there to do it. I could not say no. Being the first child you learn to be the planner, the negotiator, the one who would make sure everyone has what they need. And in doing that there is not much left over for myself.

For far too many years I have neglected myself and what was going on with me. So this year I decided it was 'The Year of Me'. I decided to devote time to myself to make sure I get fit. That means getting myself to the gym.

Being out of shape makes going to a gym daunting and I think that is why many don't do it. I finally made it my goal. I started out slow walking for just 30 minutes. I then added strength training which I alternate with my treadmill work. My treadmill schedule now varies from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on what the day is. This week I added the eliptical machine to my routine. If anyone had asked me last year would I be walking on a treadmill for a hour I would have laughed. Me? No way! But I am and for that I am very proud of myself. This is something that is just for me!

My plan for this training is to eventually be running, something that I had never really liked to do even when I could do it. I plan to run in a race. Who knows what next year will bring!

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Michelle Clark said...

You go girl!! I am so proud of you.