Monday, February 18, 2008

My Craft Room

I have wanted my own craft space for a long time. But with only three bedrooms in our house there was not a spare room to take over. My sons share a room so the remaining room had been turned into their playroom/gues room with the understanding that my kids may want to split up and have their own rooms. Well that has not happened (Yippee)!

Slowly I encroached upon their space. It started with a small section in the corner and then I expanded. My husband added the shelves on the wall for me a few months ago. I then added another table and it took off from there.

Now for the most part the room is mine. The closet still contains their toys (you should see the Lego collection!!!) and my sons are free to use the room with the understanding that they need to clean up their mess once they are done. I get comments every now and then from Michael how I took over 'his space' (notice not Jeffrey's space too). I told him that he is free to visit anytime!

Here is my sanctuary:

This is the front table where I do most of my stamping. My pens, scissors and inks are on this table. The desk with the TV also has my Cuttlebug and Sizzix stuff on it. Notice the Budweiser light on the wall, a leftover from my husband's college days.

This is my side table where I have my stamps, Cricut, paper trimmer, ribbons, cards I have made and various embellishments in storage containers. As my husband says I have a storage container issue.

This the futon for napping (or when guests come to stay). It is nice to curl up when I am tired. My husband likes it too for when he comes to visit me and falls asleep!

This is my paper tower. This contains mostly the paper that I use for scrapbooking which I do not do enough of. Stamping has taken over. I now mostly scrap when I go to retreats.

This is my punch storage. It is actually for shoes but works awesome for punches. As you can see I have many of the Marvy punches!

This picture shows my stamp storage containers that are under the side table. They are on rollers which is nice so that I can pull them close. I have them labeled by type and A Muse stamps have their own storage container. So far it takes up three drawers which leaves four to expand into! I look out the window when I am working. It is a nice view of the field next to our house.


Amy said...

How funny is this? I went to The Container Store to buy the exact same shoe organizer to store all my punches. Unfortunately they were out of stock, but will be available soon.

Anonymous said...

You're sooo organized! I love your room.