Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday and I cannot believe how time flies. How did I get to be 44 so quickly?????

The weather was absolutely horrible here. My kids school was canceled again. What started off as light fluffy snow and turned into a torrential downpour. The roads coming home from Cambridge made it seem like I was walking on water instead of driving on asphalt. Anyway, the weather matched my mood for most of the day. Everyone should be happy on your birthday but such was not the case with me. Too many issues and not enough resolutions, I guess.

Anyway, things got better once I got home and de-stressed. My husband came home bearing a beautiful bouquet of flowers in my favorite colors (purple and pink) with my fav flowers (Gerbera Daisies). The daisies are a awesome shade of pink and the roses are this pinkish-red color that is just beautiful. They smell just like Spring which I am so in need of. It has been a LONG winter here in the Northeast. Anyway, my husband and sons took me out for a nice dinner. My birthday cake was just yummy, made for me by Robin Demastrie. I should have taken a picture of it first (without me in the picture and candles on top)! It was a chocolate with a layer of raspberry and covered in this delicious buttercream icing. It is sooooo good. Even my picky kids, who were complaining about the raspberry layer, liked it! My guys gave me a box of Godiva chocolate truffles (Godiva is my absolute fav chocolate) and an awesome gift certificate for the salon I go to, which is to be used for something I do not have done on a normal basis. So that leaves me with either a massage, facial or waxings. I think a massage or facial is an option.

The night ended as it should with all of us together celebrating and even the weather cooperated with the rain stopping. I opened all my birthday cards from my family and friends. I also got some really beautiful greetings from some A Muse Addicts sisters. The creativity this group has it just amazing. Below are pictures of my AMAC birthday cards.

Happy Birthday to me!

Creative credit goes to: Tinla Woo, Doris Garvey, Jo Ann Fannon, Rhonda Maynard, Connie Heitner, Janice Spry, and Kimberly Linley.

These cards I received from Donna Gotsch and Jennie Moczan:

And a 'cool' card from Amanda Beers:

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CraftyEngineer said...

Happy Birthday Pamela! Hey, you won the Make 'em Smile challenge yesterday! WOHOO!